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In this new blog post series, we put Ditt-ers in the centre of the stage. They will tell you about themselves and their work. Today:  Vera Stuurman, HR manager at Ditt.

“I’ve always been interested in buildings, houses, interiors, with atmosphere and space. It used to drive everybody around me crazy; I was always moving things around and knocking on doors of houses that I found interesting.

Ditt gave me the opportunity to combine my passion for interiors with my work experience as a Communications-HR manager, in the position of internal project leader. But blood was thicker than water: the position of HR manager became vacant, and I seized it with both hands.”

Vera Stuurman

Clarity, security en perspective

“Ditt has made great strides in the past five years, and so has  the HR department. We have introduced a salary/position scale, with a clear structure and lots of opportunities for career advancement. We also have a generous pension plan. Our people are happy with the clarity, security and perspective. That creates peace of mind and a challenge on the other hand. You need both, I think.”

“Good employment is of paramount importance at Ditt: peace of mind and security on the one hand, challenges and perspective on the other”

Make sure everyone is happy at the office

“For me, ‘Great Offices, Happy People’ goes to the heart of my profession. How do we make everyone want to come to the office? That we work energetically, respectfully and with an open and positive attitude? These questions are key for me.  At Ditt, being a good employer is of paramount importance. Perhaps that’s what I am most proud of: that proactive thought is put into the way we behave with one another and to the outside world. About the culture we are creating, internally and externally.”