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Project design

With project design, one thing is critically important: ensuring that the client is totally unburdened and only has to look forward to a wonderfully furnished workspace. Together we will look at what the possibilities are at your location, and will then begin the design and building process. Whether it’s a new entrance, kitchen, cafeteria or an entire office – we will take over the project from the concept phase through to project completion.

Project design is about concept & identity

What impression do you want to give clients? What does your company represent? These are important project design questions. Every office gives off an impression, often already upon a single glance. It’s therefore very important to take into consideration what your company’s concept and identity are. At Ditt. we will ensure that your business location gets that unique look and feel that defines what the company is all about, and at the same time bringing your marketing, communications, sales and office furnishing together.

Kantoor projectinrichting

From an old building to a brand new office

We just love project design. Whether it’s designing and building flexible offices or renovate existing spaces. Some of our great projects include HNK’s concept development and the Pompgebouw project in Wierden. Want to see Ditt’s projects with your own eyes?

Need a project designer?

project design is about much more than just placing new desks and cabinets. It’s about the total look and feel – designing a workspace that works. At Ditt., we are specialised in designing and building interiors to the specific industry and wishes of any company – in terms of look and feel, future proof, sustainability and maintenance.

Experience some examples below.

Ditt. portfolio – video

Ditt. portfolio – video

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Curious about what we can do for you? Send us your plans and/or floorplans. We’ll look at them and get back to you – right away.