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Concept and identity development

What kind of company are you? What kind of impression do you want to make on clients? What do you represent? Every office gives off an impression. For effective office furnishing, the company’s concept and identity should therefore be considered. At Ditt., we ensure that business locations and flexible offices get a look and feel that is tailored to the company.

Concept development

A central aspect in developing a concept is brand experience i.e. the right look and feel for your company. By brainstorming together, we can find the appropriate branding elements for your company, and how to translate these into the right message to clients. This will allow both clients and employees to not only put one foot in the door, but to walk right into the story.

Identity development

What picture do people have about your company or products? What is the identity? And by that we mean – what is the soul of your company? That is: the beliefs, the aim, views and philosophy. Together with you, we will define your identity to use as a starting point for your marketing, communications, sales and office furnishing.

With your input

We just love helping companies with their concept and identity development. Designing and building flexible offices or renovating existing workspaces. One of our recent projects, for example, was the concept development for HNK. We also participated in amazing projects for oVVice, Atoomclub and B.Amsterdam. Curious to see for yourself what Ditt. has been doing?

previous projects

For permanent locations as well as flexible offices

Besides concept and identity development for permanent locations and flexible offices, Ditt also takes care of office design and furnishing. All to put your office effectively into the market and to improve the satisfaction and productivity of the people who work there. We will reflect your brand and identity in the interior, the furnishing of the workspaces and even the exploitation in the event of a flexible office.

This is how it works

For concept and identity development, we have a team of internal and external specialists who are experts in the necessary elements for making an office successful. While every project is about customisation, there is a common aspect: there is always an experienced project manager to run things. And this means that you always have a fixed point of contact. The following are in any case integral activities:

  • Feasibility study
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Concept development
  • Identity development
  • Design and realisation of a new concept

Ditt. is committed to helping you

Want to find out more about concept and identity development for your office location or flexible office? Or would you like to brainstorm with an expert about the possibilities? Ditt. will help you: