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Office design by Ditt.

Good office design can have a big impact on your employees sense of wellbeing and on their productivity. Not to mention the impact it can have on clients that come into the office. Your office is like a 3D business card. We at Ditt Officemakers can help you to give your clients an amazing first impression – and a second, and a third.
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We design offices and complete projects

With all of our projects, we work on a design-and-build basis. This means that we design what we build and build what we design. From the moment you contact us for new office design project, this is what you can expect from us:
  • We will make an inventory of your project. What are your needs, wishes and ambitions, and what information and drawings do you already have ready?
  • We will then visit the project location and make a detailed assessment of what the future work environment needs.
  • Once we have all the necessary information, we will start the design process of the new office design and start with the office layout.
  • Our project managers, designers and architects will maintain close contact and collaborate with you throughout the design process. Your input is critical. We will use innovative techniques including virtual reality, so that you can walk through your new office even before it’s built.
  • We will renovate the office space and steady work towards the final turnkey phase of the project.

From office layout plan to fully designed space

In order to work as efficiently as possible, Ditt. uses its very own software. It allows us to handle the aspects of design, measuring, calculating, project planning and furnishing faster than any of our competitors. As our software creates digital sketches, it concurrently calculates the involved costs of the new office design. This allows us to provide our clients with a tailored and fair quote every time, while avoiding unexpected surprises about added costs. Curious? These are all the benefits of working with us:

Costs & project planning

Our software also provides clear insight into the costs of the new office design. We always work with a competitive and clear budget. Likewise, our project planning is always very clear. We are able to present clients with a project planning schedule within 5 to 7 working days for basic projects, while for more complex projects we typically need about 7 to 10 working days. Of course, we can also tailor the planning schedule to your needs. In a hurry? That’s not a problem for us. Just contact us to discuss, and we’ll be able to accommodate you with a suitable project planning schedule.

Ditt. takes care of your office design needs

Workspaces with a personal touch. Workspaces should be enjoyable and somewhere where employees are stimulated and can feel inspired. Looking for something like this?

Experience some splendid examples below.

The Grid

De Baronie


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Ditt. Officemakers

Curious about what we can do for you? Send us your plans and/or floorplans. We’ll look at them and get back to you – right away.