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In this new blog post series, we put Ditt-ers in the centre of the stage. They will tell you about themselves and their work. First up: Architect Hrvoje Jozic.  

“Hello, I’m an Italian architect who moved to the Netherlands in 2015 after completing his Master’s degree in Architecture in Venice (IT). After two years of renovating/designing canal houses in Amsterdam, I decided to look for a new challenge and, I can say that DITT, is the perfect place for it. The combination of old and new buildings and the different usage of the spaces from office to public is almost certainly one of the strongest features I found in this company.”

Professional and personal growth 

“I joined Ditt in 2017. In those five years, I’ve not only designed and developed several projects, but I’ve also improved our 3D visualizations and technology department. This allowed us to explain and present our ideas in an innovative way and gave us a broader client base, with larger and more challenging assignments.  My own role has also changed from being a support to the team to a full-time Architect and 3D specialist position”

“The difference between Ditt and other companies? We combine innovative design with clear, convincing communication.”


“We work closely with contractors and real estate agents to give buildings and environments a new life, from the concept phase right up until the final details. During the entire process, the designers are fully in charge of both the project and the communication. Perhaps, this is the most important difference between Ditt and other companies: we value the talent of the people working in the company we don’t just merely put a lot of time and energy into presenting our designs, but also into communication throughout the project. That’s the most important lesson I’ve learnt here. Communication is crucial in every phase of the project.”

The importance of a convincing pitch

“No matter how good your design is or how unique your ideas are, you must be able to present them and discuss them. Only when you have a strong concept, good visualisations and clear and convincing communication, you can make a difference.  That’s what we’ve been doing for the past five years and what we will continue to do in the next five years, but even better and more innovatively.”