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Innovative office projects

At Ditt., we are constantly motivated to renew and be innovative. We like being unconventional, with fresher, more sustainable or innovative designs. Also by using our own software and technology. Read more about us and our innovative office projects.



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Sustainable and circular construction

We’ve seen that companies are increasingly interested in sustainable and circular office furnishing. Do you also want to build/renovate for the future? Ditt. will take care of it. We’re happy to brainstorm with you about office projects that will not only benefit the people who work there, but also the outside world. One of our basic principles is that we reuse raw materials and products as much as possible and avoid unnecessary waste. In addition, we also have BREAAM specialists, which is a method for determining the sustainability level of your office building and for building ‘green’.

Ditt. is the future of office projects

Ditt does things differently. We are a young and approachable company in a world that is still very much about concrete. We are ambitious and like taking initiative. This is reflected, for example, in the in-house development of our own software and media, which allows us to realise more, and more innovative, office projects. Every year, we also organise the Ditt. pitch, where different companies present their innovative ideas. This way, we are constantly looking to the future of office projects.