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Unconventional office design

A well-thought-out office design is more than just a fresh coat of paint on the walls or moving around some furniture. Much more. Good office design reflects the identity of the company, improves the ambiance and increases productivity. At Ditt, we understand this like no-one else. And we can help you with all aspects of the process, from drawings to project realisation.

Ditt. & office design

We have been designing and building offices in the Netherlands and abroad for 15 years now. We still have lots of fun and get lots of satisfaction doing it. Our head office is located in ALMELO (Twente) and our two branch offices are in Amsterdam Zuidoost and at the WTC-Zuidas (World Trade Center). From these locations we help companies in nearly every industry, from ambitious SMEs to larger companies and multinationals. Together with the client, we determine the budget and project schedule based on the client’s wishes.

Specially for you

Every office is unique – and it should be unique, because no two companies are the same. That’s why our team of office designers, architects, furniture designers, stylists, drawers and project managers commit themselves every day to helping businesses with their office needs – designing and realising the most stylish interiors, entirely to your specifications and wishes. In fact, this is so important to us that we chose it as our company name: “Ditt.” means “for you” in Swedish.

And you can count on us

A few of the benefits of working with us:

  • Distinctive office designs
  • A dedicated contact person
  • Only positive surprises
  • Honest, competitive prices
  • Fast project completion

We design and build

Inspiring, exciting office designs that promote satisfaction and productivity among employees. That’s what we do. And that’s why the notion of ‘Monday blues’ is a foreign concept to us. Nothing makes us happier than seeing the look on the faces of employees when they step into their new or renovated office for the first time. We design and build offices that work.

See some examples below.

Contact met
Ditt. Officemakers

Curious about what we can do for you? Send us your plans and/or floorplans. We’ll look at them and get back to you – right away.