Completed 2017

  • Bedrijfsverzamelgebouw /
    Coworkspace van 1680m2
  • Thiemi Higashi


The social heart of the Courtyard Building, the public spaces, was central to the Courtyard project. Being yourself, feeling comfortable, having space to work in peace and simultaneously having the opportunity to sit together. These are very important factors when looking for a good work environment. With these factors in mind, we came up with a design to take away concerns from the building users and to lure them to the social heart of the building. How did we do it? By creating a coffee bar and lounges. We achieved this in phase 1. In phase 2 we completed the interior with various conference rooms, various meeting spots, comfortable lounges, a private area and a fitness room. Courtyard Building shows in inspiring ways how vitality, health and work can form a dynamic work environment.